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Can be effective members of the CQUL the professors and researchers with a link to any of the Schools of ULisboa, who adhere to it.

Can be associated members of CQUL the distinguished and retired professors from the ULisboa, researchers and doctoral fellows from the research units of ULisboa Schools who do not have such a link, as well as doctoral researchers with scholarships granted by the Schools and their institutions of interface of R&TD or other funding institutions, that adhere to the CQUL.


If you are interested, you may join the College of Chemistry of ULisboa by completing the form formulário (each member can register in two Divisions and, for the effective members, the first choice will represent the one where they can exercise their voting rights).


You can contact us through CQUL S&T Manager, Inês Reis dos Santos, by using the following e-mail address: inescrsantos@tecnico.ulisboa.pt .