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The College of Chemistry, by bringing together academic and researcher staff of the ULisboa with activity in this field of knowledge, seeks to contribute towards the cohesion and betterment of the use of human, material and technological resources of this University.

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The College of Chemistry intends as well to promote:

  • Cohesion at the ULisboa and the best use of its human and material resources;
  • Collaboration among ULisboa Schools in teaching and research;
  • Collaboration between ULisboa Schools and external institutions, particularly with regard to higher and secondary education and the business sector;
  • Chemistry in all its scientific and technological aspects;
  • The interdisciplinarity of the various fields of Chemistry;
  • The transdisciplinarity of Chemistry with other sciences in which it plays a key role, such as materials, biological, pharmacological, medicinal, agronomic, forestry and environmental sciences.