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CQUL Iniciativas


The CQUL awards Science & Technology Management (BGCT), Doctoral (BD) and Doctoral Support (BAD) grants, with BD and BAD being co-oriented, necessarily involving two or more Schools of ULisboa.

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To date, the following grants have been awarded by the College of Chemistry:

- Science & Technology Management Grant (BGCT) to Inês Carolina Reis dos Santos;

- Science & Technology Management Grant (BGCT) to Nuno Pedro Alcântara Barreto Reis da Conceição;

- Doctoral Grant (BD) to Marta de Jesus Oliveira Martins [supervisors: Helena Pereira (ISA) and Maria Amélia Lemos (IST)];

- Doctoral Support Grant (BAD) to Flávia Rosana Vieira Pinto [supervisors: Fernando Antunes (FC) and Moisés Pinto (IST)] and to João Pedro da Costa Nunes [supervisors: Alexandra Antunes (IST) and João Rodrigues (FM)].