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The Unite! Language Tandems are back

Unite! Language tandems

The Unite! Language Tandems are back

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After the first launch of the initiative in October 2023, almost 50 virtual language tandems have been created enabling Unite! students to develop their language skills. Registration for the second edition is now open!

Spanish, Catalan, German, Italian, French, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Polish or English. Do you want to improve your speaking skills in any of the Unite! languages? With the virtual Unite! Language Tandems, you now can! 

Language Tandems offer you the possibility to practice any of the Unite! languages with another student from the Unite! community. It is a great opportunity for you to develop speaking skills in a language you want to improve in, while  getting to know other students and their culture and widening your international network! 

How does it work? 
Sign up via the Language Tandems Metacampus space until 4 February 2024, and you will be paired up with a Unite! student who matches your language interest within 15 days following the registration period. Please note that matching students for a Language Tandem depends on the participants’ offer and demand. The Unite! Language Tandems team will try to facilitate as many tandems as possible.  

Sign up now and enjoy your Tandem!

More information at the Unite!'s website

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