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Comparative Politics

Comparative Politics

Doctoral Degree
Institute of Social Sciences
Time period 
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Data de Acreditação A3ES 
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6 anos
Official Portuguese Code (DGES) Number 
R/A-Cr 117/2011
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The PhD programme in Comparative Politics is strongly based on the research activities conducted at ICS. We aspire to scholarly excellence by combining research and teaching.
Students are expected to produce an original doctoral dissertation and to launch a successful academic career. Throughout the program, they will be exposed to international best practices and scholars, and they will be asked to present their research to their peers periodically. Academic skills will also be fostered through the presentation of written reports of research advances and results.
Through the PhD in Comparative Politics, the degree of Doctor in Political Science is awarded in the specialty of Comparative Politics and International Relations.


This PhD programme provides:
Training in advanced methodological techniques;
Exposure to the most up-to-date international research;
Interaction with cutting edge national and international scholars;
Integration into an international, multi-disciplinary academic network;
Unique access to ample bibliographic resources and research funds to be used in Portugal and abroad;
Individualized supervision and support.

Career prospects 
The PhD in Comparative Politics provides a wide range of advanced skills in the research of political and institutional phenomena for an academic research career or for the exercise of professional activities in central, regional and local government bodies, international organizations, media, non-governmental organisations, consultancies, political parties, associations representing social and economic interests and institutions dedicated to studies and polls on public opinion.
National Admission Exams 
Access qualifications - be accepted as candidates for enrollment: a) Holders of master's degree or equivalent in the areas of History, Philosophy, Geography, European Studies, Law, Political Science, Public Administration, International Relations.
Fee – 1st year (indicative) 
Fee - remaining years (indicative) 

International Access

Fee - 1st year (indicative) 
Fee - remaining years (indicative)