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Study in Portugal Network

Study in Portugal Network

Study in Portugal Network

The Study in Portugal Network (SiPN) is a program designed by the Luso-American Development Foundation for mobility students from US and Canada Universities, who choose to attend courses taught in English at Portuguese universities that are part of the consortium.

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North American Universities associated:

| California University;
| Berkeley City College;
| University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee;
| Hampden-Sydney College;
| Universidade Brigham Young;
| Stanford University;
| University of Rhode Island;
| Universidade de Notre Dame;
| Los Angeles City College;
| Wellesley College;
| Indiana University;
| Universidade Brown;
| University of Massachusetts Amherst;
| University of Massachusetts Dartmouth;
| Bentley University;
| Universidade Johns Hopkins;
| San Diego State University;
| Bridgewater State University;
| Universidade Tufts;
| University of Connecticut;
| Emory University;
| State University of New York at Fredonia (SUNY Fredonia);
| Loras College - Catholic Liberal Arts; Westfield State University;
| Georgetown University;
| University at Buffalo;
| Missouri Consortium (based in University of Missouri-Kansas City);
| UMass Lowell; Rhode Island College;
| The University of Texas at Austin;
| Rhode Island School of Design;
| University of New Hampshire;
| University of California, Davis;
| Johnson & Wales University;
| Lafayette College;
| Universidade da Flórida Central;
| University of Notre Dame;
| University of Michigan;
| SUNY Buffalo State;
| California Polytechnic State University;
| Bristol Community College;
| Johns Hopkins University;
| Missouri State University;
| University of Southern California;
| California State University, Los Angeles;
| University of California, Berkeley;
| Brown University;
| Indiana University Bloomington;
| Mount Holyoke College; Stony Brook University;
| George Washington University;
| Williams College;
| Yale University;
| Boston University;
| Stanislaus State;
| University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill;
| University of Florida;
| The University of Chicago;
| Miami University.

Within SiPN, and through its Schools, ULisboa provides not only curricular units taught in English, for a year or a semester, but also summer courses and academic internships.

This study abroad program, seeking to attend to the specific characteristics and expectations of North American students and universities, has not only FLAD as main partner, but also the U.S. Embassy, the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, the Portuguese American Chamber of Commerce, Fulbright Portugal, Lisbon City Hall and AICEP.