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The organization of the College of Chemistry is based on the Coordination Council, the Divisions' Coordinators, the Executive Committees and the College Assembly Table.

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Elected for the three-year period of 2017-2019, each structure is composed by:

Coordination Council
Mário Nuno Berberan Santos (IST) | President
Francisco Lemos (IST) | President of the Division of Energy & Environment
Rui Moreira (FF) | President of the Division of Life & Health
Manuel Eduardo Piedade (FC) | President of the Division of Materials
Carlos Afonso (FF) | President of the Division of Technology & Industry

Manuel Almeida (CTN-IST) | Deputy-President for Research
Maria Matilde Marques (IST) | Deputy-President for Pedagogical Affairs
Carlos Henriques (IST) | Deputy-President for External Relations
José Manuel Nogueira (FC) | Deputy-President for Communication & Image

Divisions’ Coordinators
Energy & Environment:
Francisco Lemos (IST) (President), Jorge Correia (FC) and Ana Paula Carvalho (FC)
Life & Health:
Rui Moreira (ISA) (President), Maria Raquel Aires de Barros (IST) and Filomena Carvalho (FM)
Manuel Eduardo Piedade (FC)(President), Ana Santos Silva Herdade (FM), João Tomé (IST)
Technology & Industry:
Carlos Afonso (FF) (President), Maria Raquel Aires de Barros (IST) and Filomena Carvalho (FM)

Executive Committees
For Research:
Manuel Almeida (CTN-IST) (President),  Luísa Martins (IST), Pedro Góis (FF), Isabel Miranda (ISA), Sónia Gonçalves (FM)
For Pedagogical Affairs:
Maria Matilde Marques (IST) (President), Maria Henriques Ribeiro (FF) e Miguel Mourato (ISA)
For External Relations:
Carlos Henriques (IST) (President), Maria José Lourenço (FC) e Maria Amélia Lemos (IST)
For Communication & Image:
José Manuel Nogueira (FC) (President), Judite Costa (FF) e Kamran Mahmudov (IST)

College Assembly Table
Nuno Santos (FM) (President)
Cristina Bento (FMH) (Secretary)
Maria da Graça Soveral (FF) (Deputy Secretary)