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College of Chemistry

Colégio de Química

Welcome to the College of Chemistry

The College of Chemistry of ULisboa (CQUL) brings together professors and researchers from the various Schools of the University of Lisbon (ULisboa) with activity in Chemistry, contributing to the cohesion and better use of the University's human and material resources within the scope of teaching and research.

The College should be able to articulate the multiple competences in the area of ​​Chemistry at the ULisboa, creating new inter-School dynamics that will lead to the multiplication of joint and innovative initiatives in doctoral programs, research projects, technological development, etc., which may contribute towards the competitiveness of an area with a long tradition at this University and of recognized international merit. It is hoped, therefore, to consolidate the ULisboa's reference position in the field of Chemistry at the national level and also to expand its role in international consortia.

The proposal for the creation of the College was elaborated by a commission that integrated professors from the Faculties of Sciences (FC), Pharmacy (FF), Medicine (FM), Human Kinetics (FMH), School of Agriculture (ISA) and IST Técnico Lisboa (IST).