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ULisboa is responsible for making the city of Lisbon one of the great European capitals of culture and science, as it welcomes more than 9000 foreign students every year – about 17,8% of the total number of students – from over 100 countries, who are seeking high quality education as well as a different culture, delightful weather and the hospitality that Lisbon, and Portugal, have to offer.

ULisboa is currently Portugal’s largest University and one of Europe’s largest. Located in the heart of the city, it provides its entire community with the best and most diverse academic programs and vows to deliver a uniquely enriching experience.




from Lisbon to the World

As an institution of education and science committed to the progress of society, Universidade de Lisboa is based on the creation, transfer and social and economic reinforcement of knowledge and culture.

Vision: ULisboa is set on promoting its cohesion and spirit of identity; on attracting the best students; on fostering interaction with productive structures and public authorities; on encouraging the renewal, qualification and mobility of Human Resources; on reinforcing its intervention and influence skills within strategic international scenarios; on the consolidation of a Quality Management System; on providing culture for the University and for the City of Lisbon; on encouraging social responsibility and sports, health and well-being at ULisboa, as well as improving the infrastructures available for the academic community.


Intellectual freedom and respect for ethics
Societal innovation and development;
Democratic participation;
Social and environmental responsibility.





Luís Manuel dos Anjos Ferreira

Full Professor

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Licenciature Degree Veterinary Medicine

Masters and Doctoral Degrees Veterinary Sciences

E-mail: luis.ferreira@reitoria.ulisboa.pt


50.009 Students

ULisboa was first choice to
8654 students

Demand for ULisboa Programme
vacancies at ULisboa is
5.5 times higher than the availability.


Access 2019/2020 (1st phase CNA)


6.262 Staff




We welcome talents from all over the World


"Lisbon, Erasmus city"

To international students, Lisbon is one of their favorite destinations

Research and Technology Transfer Numbers

Creating everlasting value through research



ULisboa Scientific Awards

Universidade de Lisboa Awards

The Universidade de Lisboa Award, an annual event, aims at distinguishing and awarding a Portuguese or foreign individual for contributing remarkably toward scientific and/or cultural progress and growth as well as the country’s international projection.

Prizes awarded to Professors and Students

Honoris Causa awarded by Universidade de Lisboa

1st Portuguese Nobel Prize


Notwithstanding assessment methods or criteria, ULisboa leads the main international rankings and is amongst the 200 best universities worldwide.

Heritage and Culture

Universidade de Lisboa has museums, botanical gardens, collections and cultural heritage of scientific, historical and artistic nature and of great prominence within the Portuguese and international contexts.


Museums and Gardens










Property Management

ULisboa is spread out throughout the city and it takes up about 3% of Lisbon’s buildings or structures.
The largest part is located at Cidade Universitária (45%) and at the Ajuda/Belém axis (22%) where most of the Schools are. The third most important property axis is the Príncipe Real/Chiado/Lapa (16%), as the remaining property are spread along Jamor, Oeiras, Cascais, Sacavém, Alameda, amongst other places.

Sports and Health

University Stadium of Lisbon

Health and Fitness


Libraries and Documentation Centres


2013 to 2018 information

IT and Administrative Modernization

Financial Resources

Income and expenditure


Social Projects